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Why Customised Solutions?  |  How else we can help 

Why is a customised solution the best for you?

BCIS tailors a business solution specifically for your company or organisation.

This could be as simple as consultancy analysis and recommendations for the information flows and management within your business.

Or it could be the design, development and implementation of a complete customised system, usually a databases powered by Microsoft Access.

Advantages of Microsoft Access

  Access is low cost… chances are you already own it, embedded in your Microsoft Office suite. We can work with all versions: 2007, 2010, 2016 and the current Office 365 offering (… and even older versions)
  Access is easily modified… add a critical new field and create a report based on it could be as little as an hour’s work
  Access is efficient… it is a relational database allowing redundant data to be stored once, and making data updating quicker and easier
  Access is robust… it is the industry standard database, used and supported globally; issues that arise are easy and inexpensive to rectify
  Access is a prototyping tool… why spend large amounts of money on an inflexible off-the-shelf or higher-level developed system, until you know for sure what system design will give you the results you are after?

With a BCIS customised Access you direct input into design and development so that it specifically meets your company’s or organisation’s needs.

And BCIS’s in-house services can work with you through all stages of the process…

  • Consultancy…  get advice on what solution would best meet your needs - you may not need a technology-based solution at all!
  • Business analysis… investigate the current process, identify the issues, recommend the solutions
  • Design… propose the best solution targeting the identified issues
  • Data cleansing and conversion… prepare existing data (from existing documents - whatever the source) for use in a new optimised relational database
  • System development… on-site or off-site, see and test interim stages of development and  make adjustments as they become obvious
  • Implementation… ensure that the system meets the desired objectives
  • Support… on-going telephone or on-site support, to make sure that you keep up and running
  • User training… tailored for groups or one-to-one


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How else can we help?

Our technology-based solutions don’t always have to be new databases built from the ground up. Ask us if we can help you in other ways…

  Rebuilds and new components for existing databases… we are happy to take on databases built by other developers.
  On-going modifications to existing databases… keeping your database “alive”, relevant and continuing to work for you
  Automated spreadsheet systems… make that spreadsheet even more efficient and eliminate time-consuming repetitive tasks
  Other automated Office systems…  e.g. mail merging
Ask us if we can help you - contact us now >