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Software should fit into your business, not vice versa – built to suit your operations and processes.

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Customised Database Solution

Targeted & Tailored Business solutions

BCIS offers a wide range of technology – and training-based support services for your business.

Development Services

Our customised databases are built using Microsoft Access for the ideal, low-cost, easily adaptable - yet robust - prototyping tool to develop the system that directly meets the needs of your company or organisation.

Communication Training

Benefit from a wide range of onsite training programmes, focussing on presentation or public speaking skills, but also including other aspects of business leadership or developing staff’s computer-systems skills.

Work Smarter Not harder

Work Smarter

Not Harder

Your Database should complement and enhance staff work flow – so they can work smarter, not harder.

BCIS in-house services cover the range from consultancy, analysis and database design – including data conversion and system development – right through to implementation and support, as well as tailored group or one-to-one training for system users.



Get a relational database allowing redundant data to be stored once, and making data updating quicker and easier.

Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

Your database will be easily modified. Adding a critical new field and creating a report based on it could be as little as an hour’s work.

Flexible & Scalable

Flexible & Scalable

Your database will be easily modified. Databases can handle huge volume, complexity and inter-relationships of data easily.



Feed to other systems for seamless business operation. Integrate with Outlook, the web, other databases and… even spreadsheets!

Gain Confidence

With Presenting & Public Speaking

We can help you and/or your staff with preventing nerves, preparing and practising a speech, handling the requirement for impromptu speaking, delivering and learning from feedback on speeches, running meeting segments (being an MC), organising and structuring your speech, vocal variety, using body language, and adding entertainment value to your speech.

Gain Confidence

And Not Other I.T. Companies?

Holistic business solutions, not just IT systems

BCIS is primarily a business solutions provider – not just an ‘IT company’ – looking at the bigger picture of your business, including sales and marketing, training, communications, operations and finance… as well as IT.

Only Win Quote Guarantee

Our pricing is usually accurate, after many years of experience, so we can offer a quote guarantee: if we ‘under quote’, we’ll bear the loss of the extra hours, but if we ‘over quote’, we’ll reduce the charge accordingly. You can’t lose!

We Remain With You

We’ll still be around, unlike the summer holidays whizz-kid student or your secretary’s partner who’s moved on and left a spreadsheet or database that no-one else can understand, fix or modify.

Personal Friendly Service

You’ll get fast ‘can-do’ problem solving of any business or operational problems. Our remote computer access enables responsive support for quick fixes.

“Alistair has looked after our database for over 18 years. He is always responsive to challenges and provides great solutions. We know from staff who’ve used other commercial packages, that ours is more user friendly, and has brought major gains in productivity.”

Team recruitment

Linda van der Velde

Business Director, Team Recruitment